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Like one you we have a luau thing will have these I blown up palm trees in the practice, we had a beach music plan for whiter teeth. We had lawn chairs spread out throughout the office with us and underneath them we you have food for them and we have you. Tahitian drinks and nonalcoholic beverages and the but it's really a fun event and what we do is we actually schedule 100 patients. In a specific timeframe of the system*laden goal later 12 o'clock our entire team is divided up in the different teams we have our office you have a welcoming team in the coming. The practice and then another go in another 10 would take impressions of the team before the teeth whitening Prussians and fast set stone and then we have another team that will make the sector entrées. Others will trim the models and the admin others will deliver to the patient explained to him exactly how to use the product and that in all occurs within an hour segment takes an hour.




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